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I have got problems with widescreen resolutions used by my hardware:

1) PC with video chipset: SIS 661FX

2) PDP: LG 42"

Every possible 16:9 resolution ratio is shown by the PDP with black bars (top and bottom screen parts). I use the latest video driver and regular 'Monitor PnP' settings for PDP. Do you have any ideas how to find a solution for this problem?

I tried PowerStrip trial version to correct the issue and I was able to correct the view (using few 16:9 available resolutions, like 800x480). Still I could not create PDP's physical resolution (852x480) - is it possible with full version? Do you know any other tools similiar to PowerStrip?

For your info I use regular VGA (RGB) connection cable to the PDP.

Thanks for any info,

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