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So I recently installed a Denon AVR 689 into my dads bar along with a parasound amplifier to power 3 pairs of jamo outdoor speakers.

2 speakers are installed onto the b channel of the reciever

the other 4 speakers are installed on the amplifier.

Since the reciever does not have a pre-out for left and right I had to use high to low level converters to hook up the amplifier.

Hooked up to the system I have a ipod and a basic hd cable box from motorolla.


The system worked great on new years eve. We played it all night with no problems at all. The day after new years I once again played it almost all day with no problems.

I left illinois and flew home back to texas and my father has called me a few times telling me all the speakers are popping and there is a ton of static when he tries to watch the cable box. I have tried to walk him over the phone on changing inputs and he still has the same problem. We also tried to switch cable boxes with no luck.

Any one had a problem like this? It wouldn't be so bad if I could just go over and look at the receiver but the fact that it is 1000 miles away causes a problem.
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