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wifi on new bd players

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Everybody wanted built in wifi so the manufacturer's obliged but by doing so signal strength was lost. My 2010 samsung bdc5500 required the dongel which

can be seen on a 5.0 ghz N network. Not seeing any players that can do this with built in wifi. It has operated without issue in my bedroom above the living room

where my router resides. I wish the manufacturers would have taken this into consideration when going internal for wifi as I would like to replace it with something

new but I fear I may lose the great signal strength I have. I've had no disconnects or issues while streaming netflix from this player wirelessly. Just wanted to throw

this out there. My living room setup is all wired. Not sure if the newer samsung dongel still supports 5.0 ghz N but unfortunetly they are subpar to the pannys and

sonys. Had to return (2) samsung bd-d6700 due to issues with one not playing a brand new DVD (not BR) and the other not letting me connect to netflix even though the

internet connection test proved otherwise. I tried a dmp-bdt320 on my wired setup and it had netflix lip sync issues. Sony is next.
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