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Wii Component cable config adudio with Denon 3808CI

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I just got my Denon 3808CI and I got all my compents hooked up except for WII. I got the component cable for WII and ofcourse it doesnt have Dolby Digital out just white and red audio. I cant seem to configure the denon to accept any audio config for a component input thats not digital audio. Is it a limitation of denon reciever or am I missing something?

I rather not hook WII up direct to TV or use the rca cable it came with if I dont have too, kinda whole point of the component cables to get 480p.
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My ears perked up at seeing this question, because I'm considering picking up this receiver or an Onkyo 875, and the Wii is an important part of my home theater system.

Please post if you've figured out the problem. It would seem to me that there would be a way to associate the analog audio and component video, but I don't have the receiver.

Can you comment on the visual appearance of the Wii through the receiver? Are you upscaling it to 1080p? What's your display setup? Have you had any lag issues?

Good luck,

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Actually, I was just browsing the forum and found this posting.


The first poster mentions hooking up the wii and having an issue, but it seems like he/she resolved it by choosing a particular source input.

If that doesn't help you might try contacting that user.

Good luck, let me know how it works out.

- Larry
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I found out that denon analog audio is always on and I just needed to plug it into respective rca jack. Works fine.
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