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Wii + X2VGA2 = Fix Image Errors?

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I have a Wii + Syntax Olevia 537H. Using the component cables, the image from the Wii fails to fill the screen. Instead, it leaves about a 1/2" black border around the image.

I was wondering if converting my component connection to VGA via the X2VGA2 might correct this problem. Has anyone used the X2VGA2 with a Wii?

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I have not used this, but like yourself, I am very interested in the effects of VGA boxes such as these. Someone a month or two back stated that they used a VGA box like this on their LCD and it really helped with decreasing the jaggies, and the picture overall looked better.

Can anyone comment on their experiences with these?
I'm also considering the Mayflash YPbPr to RGBHV VGA Box. Anybody have experience with one of them?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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