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Will tru2way' Breathe New Life into Two-Way Interactive Cable?
CableLabs believes a good ol' fashioned name change will kick-start the two-way interactive cable technology formerly known as OpenCable.

Allow me to properly herald tru2way from CableLabs, the organization that represents the cable industry, and often toils with the nuances of marketing. Here's how we got to tru2way, the successor (in name only) to OCAP and OpenCable.

First there was the digital cable box with true two-way (spelled the uncool way) communications between the TV and the cable company, allowing consumers to enjoy VOD, PPV and electronic program guides.

But we didn't want no stinkin' settop box, and neither did Congress or the Consumer Electronics Association. So our lawmakers mandated, at the very least, a one-way digital solution that would eliminate the cable set-top.

After kicking and screaming for years, CableLabs finally gave us CableCard, which was begrudgingly built into many a TV set. That gave us box-less digital cable of the one-way, non-interactive variety (no VOD, PPV, or EPG) but oh so many headaches for which the CE industry blamed the cable industry and vice versa.

All the while, CableLabs professed to be working on CableCard 2.0 which would really eliminate the settop box and provide true two-way cable to TVs throughout the land.

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