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Will a stock LT150 work on Australian power?

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Will someone in Australia be able to use an LT150 which came from the Dell deal?


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Thanks for enquiring Bob!

I'm guessing I'm the cause of this question, so I can provide some help here - Oz power is 240V at 50Hz. If anyone can find a reference to what input power the p/s on the LT150 will accept hopefully it'll mention that spec...


Per page 55

Power Requirements 100-120 / 200 - 240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz

Input Current 2.1A (100-120 VAC) / 1.0A (200-240 VAC)
I use a US imported LT150 with 220V. Just used an adaptor plug. I guess I could have gotten a new cable, but I'm just too lazy as I already had the plug.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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