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Just picked up a 103, which I will use mainly for 2 channel audio (though I watch an ocassional DVD and Blu-ray). I've got a couple of questions that the experienced members of this forum could probably answer:

1. Does the Coax output support 192/24 bit and 176/24 bit? I've got an outboard DAC (Schiit Bifrost) and I'd like to play the Keith Johnson

HRX recordings (176/24) at full resolution through the outboard DAC. I've gotten conflicting answers from OPPO customer service on this question.

2. I noticed immediately after connecting this player and playing 3-4 CDs (through the Bifrost) that the upper midrange and highs seemed

smoother, sweeter and more natural. I've read that the OPPO players have superior tracking that minimizes jitter and error correction; I'm theorizing that this is the reason for the improvement in the sound. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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