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It seems that every movie that i watch on HBO-HD or almost any for that fact have greenish blue noise in the dark areas the most and sometimes the light area's. I used to have a HD-dvd player and the noise wasn't AS bad but it was still there. I go to BB and see these Samsung LCD's, which are much much more expensive than my Samsung 5054, and they look sooo good! No noise...color accuracy looks amazing. Im guessing the only way to get that is proper calibration. I really dont want to pay alot for the BB calibration but i used to work there so i might get a decent deal. If it would help that much i wouldnt mind getting it. I dont have a blu-ray but i still would like my hdcable to be close to noise free if possible.

PS- I wont get this Calibration, if it will infact help, until Samsung figures out what their going to do with my tv. Twice i've had the repair man out and this time he said he thinks there's something wrong with my refresh rate or something. He ordered me a whole new panel but samsung is taking forever and saying they dont have it. If so then the lady said she will file a CSA or some 3 letter thing that will basically tell Samsung they need to give me a new tv. Hopefully i'll get the new version of mine (550 i think is it).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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