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Will HD-A2 play DVD+R?

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Sorry if already posted somewhere, I ran a search and didn't find anything.
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I cannot say anything for the A2, but the XA2 DOES, and it's also not listed in the specs, only DVD-R types listed.
My A-2 does...and i have a ton of DVD+.....for some strange reason,my A-1 would not.....I am extremely happy with the upscaling as well.....

To be sure...before I upgraded to the A-2.....I took a backup copy of LOTR-fellowship on DVD+ and asked one of the employees if I could try it.......Yes,it was on display but not very prominently shown as it was at least 3 tiers up on a wall..

I was able to reach it...put in the +..and Voila!!

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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