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Will I have problems connecting my Z2 to my HTPC?

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I have been using an HTPC for the last 3 years, but have not done major tweeking. Originally a P3 800 based system, I watch dvds and HDTV through the PC. I have only had xga projectors in my system, next week my Z2 (720 x 1280) is coming. I am worried that I will have problems.

My newly upgraded setup:


P4 2.6C 800mhz fsb

Gigabyte mb w/ Intel 865P chipset w/ 8x AGP

512meg PC3200 ultra ram

Radeon 9000 or 9500 128meg video card

Maudio 24/96 sound card

Myhd MDP-100 HD tuner card

I play DVD's through Theatertek. I have downloaded powerstrip and tried it but have no idea what I am doing. I have never had success in the past changing scan rates or tweaking video. I dont understand how to get 1:1 perfect pixel timings or any of other settings I have read about.

First, What do I need to do to get this to work? Second, what can I do with this setup to maximize my viewing experience?

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I have the Z2 hooked up to a Radeon a-i-w 7500 with DVI out and it works great. Prior to the Z2 I had a XGA projector and when I hooked up the Z2 -1280x720 automatically became available as a resolution and I selected it and it synched up perfectly. When I hooked up my computer to an older SVGA projector I forgot to change the resolution but it automatically changed itself to 800x600 and the 1280x720 resolution choice was gone. When I hooked uo the Z2 again the 1280x720 showed up again. I was very pleasantly surprised since I thought I would need to mess with powerstrip to get the Z2 to work at its native resolution with my HTPC.
Hi leckian,

you are the lucky one... I have played around my Z2 and my HTPC for several days before I can make it work with 720P output. Did you select HDCP in DVI (Input 2) or PC Digital? I found that the Z2 will report to the HTPC that it can accept up to 1280 x 720 ONLY in HDCP mode (in PC Digital mode, it report it can do 1024 x 768 MAX).

It was just dumb luck because the first thing I hooked up to the Z2 was my Zenith SAT520 HDTV Directv receiver which utilizes the HDCP in DVI (Input 2). Since the Z2 only has 1 DVI in I just unplugged my cable from the SAT520 and connected it to my computer and like you said I was the lucky one. I really wasn't expecting such a painless and effortless result.
Thanks guys. Will I have a problem connecting to the pc via the rgb connection?
Originally posted by atillo
Thanks guys. Will I have a problem connecting to the pc via the rgb connection?
If you want to send 1280x720 you may have a problem with a RGB connection. Based on what OTS stated the computer input only accepts up to XGA resolution and you have to use the HDCP in DVI (Input 2) mode if you want to use 1280x720 resolution from your HTPC. If OTS is correct you may have to use a video card with DVI out.

Leeeny Eckian
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