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Will I loose Sharpness when I go to a Scaler??

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Hi everyone,

I am in the process of looking for a scaler to replace my HTPC,

I am getting very sick of the Windows Crashes and driver updates.

My main concern is that I will not get an image as sharp as I currently have with my HTPC.

Is this a justified concern??

I was looking at

"the Rock"

Lumagen HDP

HD Lezza


any others I should be loking at?????

I currently have a HTPC running a 3.06Ghz P4 Asus, motherboard, 1Gb of RAM and and ATI X800 video card.

Running a BetterCables Silver Serpent cable to my Marquee 9500LC.

I would appreciate any comments


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it'll be at least as sharp.

Two scalers, at least, are missing from your list: iScan HD+ and Crystalio.
Thanks Oferlaor,

I suppose I was just trying to see what difference I would see.

The scaler brand is not really the issue here, but the loss in sharpness.

Also with HD-DVD and BlueRay on the horizon, I don't want to be stuck with a scaler that can't go from 1080i to 1080p properly.

Appreciate the comments


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Well. I will disagree with Ofer on this one. Depending on the output resolution you choose, you could indeedy lose sharpness. Many of the processors listed above lose sharpness at some point slightly over 720p. I have seen several HTPCs which are razor sharp at 960p or 1080p. BUT, sharpness isn't everything. Various deinterlacing methodolgies give up sharpness to get rid of jaggies and other unpleasant creatures. Some HTPC lovers say wow, my HTPC is sooooo sharp and your processor isn't, but their deinterlacers suck. Still all in all, many processors can't cut it re sharpness above 720p.
Thanks Mark,

I appreciate the comments.

What scaler are you using??

What resolutions do you run for DVD and HD???

And you HTPC, what cards and software are you running??


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I see your point. Plain weaving can look sharper sometimes, if you can actually stand to sit through a movie playing that way...

Which scalers have you noticed that lose sharpness over 720p? I'd be interested in hearing some of your experiences with that.
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