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Will monoprice HDMI 1X2 - passive 'Y' type splitter work with 2 different projectors?

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Here is a link to the monoptice hdmi 1X2 splitter - this seems to be some kind of a Y cable. Its just a passive connection.

item number 2522
link to Monoprice hdmi splitter (unpowered)


HDDVR, BD player and hddvd player (to be acquired). Lets say I have three HDMI sources.

Display: Sony HS51 with hdmi input and a 9" CRT projector with a HDMI to RGBHV converter.

The two projectors are in two adjacent rooms but use the same above 3 sources.

Just for discussion, assume I have two receivers for the two rooms, each receiver having 3 hdmi inputs.

There are two options for me:

1. To buy item 2522 from monoprice and connect both receivers to each of the sources

2. Buy the monoprice #3728 link:

Are there any issues related to the use of the HDMI 'Y' splitter simultaneously with two different displays?

Thank you.
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