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will my ATI radeon 9100 (128mb) play DVD's well?

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I am working on my HTPC and just ordered the mobo.

here is my setup


CPU 2.4C (already had)

512MB ram (already had)

9100 128mb radeon (already had)

160 GB samsung


output to a SDTV via S-video

I want to run zoomplayer and FFDshow

In the future I will add a capture card and do PVR stuff.

Will I be able to do a nice dvd pictre or should I get a ATI 9600 or nvidia 5700?
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I used a ATI 7500 for a long time before upgrading to an ATI 9600. I never noticed any real difference between them. 9100 should work fine for playing normal DVD's. I suspect it may have trouble playing the Windows Media HD DVD's. The hardware DirectX 9 support on the later cards is a benefit for WM HD.4
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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