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Will New Be Comptable With Old?

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I currently have a Onkyo TX-SV727 receiver and stereo system (circa 1996) with dolby prologic. I'm thinking of upgrading the receiver to another Onkyo with 6.1 surround sound, and wanted to know if my current Onkyo 6 disc cd changer and dual tape deck (also circa 1996) will work/be compatable with the new receiver? All of these components work well and all sound really great (they should being $2000 at the time)... but I feel like I'm missing out on the surround sound experience. I thought of just buying a HT in a box, but i hate to have two seperate systems around the place just to get surround sound. Any advice? Will the old work with the new?
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i guess no ones too sure about this......
Sure, the older components will work fine. Your CD player probably doesn't have any digital/surround capabilities, so you're right in thinking that you'll miss out on that option (which is pretty significant depending on your use). You could always pick up an inexpensive DVD player for 5.1/6.1/7.1 and use your Onkyo 6-disc for music use. If you spent that kind of money on your older equipment, you probably wouldn't be happy with most of the HTIB's.

so even with a new 5.1 receiver, you're saying that my CDs wont be in 5.1 because they are on a cd player from 1996? I'm not sure that's right? anyone else confirm this? Because if that's the case, then I might as well just get a HTIB... because i'm certainly not going to buy an entire new stereo system just to get 5.1
CD's are stereo. The age of the CD player is irrevant, a newer CD player will not output as 5.1

You can use a soundfield for CD audio to expand to all channels. Some work better than others, though. Most DSP's are just reverb-city :)

If you want 5.1 for films (Dolby Digital, DTS) you'll need a new AV amp.

A HTIB will not be as good sounding as decent old system, with high quality components (despite being Pro-Logic) once you upgrade the AV amp it'll have newer sound formats.
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