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Been researching speakers for about a year now and my wife says I have commitment problems, but I blame a lot of that on the limitations being put on me!
I would have ordered Strata Mini's by now if she would have let me!

Anyway, I think I want to order some Sierra's, buy my concern is that I 'must' (her words, not mine) put bookshelf speakers on the TV stand, no floorstanders allowed. If I do that, I have a double problem.

1) they will only be 9" away from the wall, max, could be even less if it doesn't look right. The center will also be put in the TV cabinet, but I'm less concerned about that part. I'm more concerned about not giving the L&R speakers enough room to breathe for cranking up 2 channel music and since I plan to run without a sub for at least several months.

2) Secondly, on the other side of the wall is our bedroom and I tend to stay up late to watch TV while my wife goes to bed. The wall does have some soundproofing, but if the rear ports from the Sierra's are pounding on it, I'm in trouble. How much noise will the rear port make when it hits the wall? If even at low volumes it will pound the wall, there is no way I can get rear ported.

Will these issues be a problem if I get the Sierra's?

Here is what my room looks like and a floor plan. Ideally, I need speakers that are front ported, must be bookshelf and black and I would prefer used if possible (bang for the buck). My budget is about $1500 for the 3 front speakers and I'm about 85/15 between home theater and music, but I have a huge space to fill. This will be my only option to listen to music and would like something that can fill the space. Will the Sierra's work, or are there any other brilliant suggestions out there?

I'm building this system from the ground up over time, so I plan to spend about $2K on the LRC and receiver and then add a sub and side/rear in ceilings over time. It could take a year or so to build out the whole system.

Picture from my kitchen

Picture from the rec room, aka dining room.

You can see where the speakers will go, right now there is a crappy Aiwa speaker on the stand now. (front ported

Back of the room, plus my dog looking like she really wants surround sound! No room for anything but in ceiling due to the awkward shape and hallway.

Floor Plan

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