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Carp is throwing a g2g to compare amp classes, sound of amps etc. We currently have the following amp classes represented.

Tube Amp - looking for a volunteer

Class A - looking for a volunteer

Class A/B - Crown XLS 202 and Emotiva XPS-3

Class H - Behringer EP4000

Class D - Inuke DSP 3000, Pioneer Elite AVR

Class T - Lepai LP-2020A+

Would anyone be willing to loan us a Tube Amp and/or a Class A amp? We'd be willing to put up shipping both ways as a group --- if it's not a ridiculous amount, and there are no local volunteers.

Here is the thread

The speakers being driven are the four ohm 101dB sensitive JTR Noesis 212HT, and possible yet unamed low sensitivity speaker to further verify our testing is complete.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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