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I'm new to these products so please forgive silly questions or if already asked elsewhere.


In a new house extension I am installing a 5.1 surround sound system in the TV area and also have a set of outside speakers cabled back to the same point which I want to operate as a second zone.


In each zone I want to be able to play music from iTunes and hard drive (NAS?), stream music, and listen to radio, as well as running surround sound in the TV zone for movies. I want to be able to control the zones remotely (ie select different music for the 2 zones from an iPhone app), while I sit on the couch and marvel.


From research to date, I gather that some AV receivers will achieve all of this (I'm looking at a Denon AVR X-2000 for example). I also see that there is a lot of enthusiasm for SONOS and I'm considering whether it is worth adding this to the system


My questions:


1. Will SONOS able to do anything that a multi-zone AV receiver can't for my situation? Is it just ease of set-up and use that makes it so popular or is there actually added functionality?


2. If I did decide to connect SONOS to an AV receiver, what products would I need to make the system work as above? If a just got a "Bridge" and a "Connect", would it be able to operate the 2 zones separately (using the dual zone functionality of the AV receiver) or would I need a separate Connect:amp for the outside speakers (in which case I could go for a cheaper AV receiver without 2 zones)


3. Just realised that Denon doesn't have an AM tuner which will rule it out for me. What's with that?


Thanks a lot


Any advice / opinions will be much appreciated.
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