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Will streaming work for me?

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Kind of new at this so I thought I would ask you gurus. My setup. I have a single PC in my house.

Cable modem to Linksys router (got from Vonage). Ethernet to PC, Ethernet to Xbox 360.

I have downloaded windows media connect, but the xbox is not showing up. I'm guessing its because its not on a hub or switch? Any help would be appreciated.

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i have a similar setup to yours and it seems damn near impossible to get it to recognize either the pc or the 360. the problem seems to be the Linksys router and they ahve to have some of the most unfriendly port opening procedures ever. Ive given up on getting anything to stream but that is why i still ahve my modded xbox hooked up.
ugggh.... ok I downloaded Windows Media Connect and installed it....

Nothing worked. So I called Linksys and they helped me open the ports your supposed to have open for this according to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/910635

Still got nothing. I disabled my Norton anti virus and my zone alarm firewall and windows media connect see the 360 but the 360 will not see my computer.

I enabled both my anti virus and my firewall and the computer still sees the 360 but the 360 will not see the computer. This is frustrating.

Anyone have any ideas?
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It is more likely your software firewall. You need to open the following ports:

2869 TCP/UDP

1900 UDP

10280-84 UDP

10243 TCP

Depending on your software firewall, you may need to add the IP for the XBox to your trusted zone.
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OK I have unistalled Zone alarm and am just using windows xp firewall. All the ports needing to be allowed are in the exception list. still nothing. ugggh
I've had the same problem with windows firewall not letting me coonect to the net because it was blocking my connection... My ethernet card showed it was connected but IE said it wasn't... I fixed it by unistalling Norton, and disabled the firewall.. Even for my Desktop PC I don't use any kind of protection like virus or firewall protection... If you want any protection then keep it and maybe you might get a fix for your problem but if you know what your downloading like me then if you unistall everything and disable the windows firewall it might be the solution...

For everything I just use this and adware..

I too finally got it to work by uninstalling Norton Anti Virus, My subscription period was almost up anyway. I just downloaded AVG free from Grisoft to use as anti virus. I have that running and zone alarm firewall and everything is now working fine.

I called 800-4myxbox and they told me Norton Anti Virus disables file and printer sharing and there is no setting to turn it back on. The uninstall did the trick.

Thanks for the help guys.

got my media connect working at the weekend.

i have norton anti virus, ad aware etc etc.

only problem was the computer told me i had to install the .NET framework on my computer. got this from microsoft and then all is working perfectly.

seems to work very well, only problem is that not all that many of my apple playlist appeared. maybe i linked it to the wrong file.

apart from that, all go here, and its a joy to look at our photo collection via the slideshow... not lag, really a cool thing.

plus i could also select from my music playlist during games.

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which net framework version to down load for 360
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