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Hello Everyone,

I hope that yall can help me with my delima and ease my fear of the SR507 being under powered to power my M60's. I have been reading thread after thread for days. I have allready purchased my speakers and I am now looking to spend around $300 for a reciever utlizing a 5.1 speaker setup. I am not worried about the upconverting feature like that of the Onkyo RC160 but if the reciever is much better than the Sr507 then I can go that route. I realize that it has 7.2 so that may be worth the lil extra money. I am also open to other reciever suggestions that will make the M60's sound great & loud. Thanks in advance for any advice and help.

What I have:

Front: Polk Monitor 60's

Center: Polk CS1

Rear: Polk Monitor 30's

Sub: ED A2-300

HT Room Size: 14" X 16" with big doorway that leads to 2 story living room
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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