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Will there ever be a better non-HDCP DVI-equipped player than the Bravo?

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I have the Panasonic PT-L300u, which is not HDCP compliant. I would love to use a DVD player with a DVI output, but currently the only one that appears to work with this PJ is the Bravo D1. From what I've read in this forum, that unit is plagued with mechanical problems and quirks. All the other DVI-out players are HDCP-compliant. Now, since it appears that HDCP is becoming some sort of industry standard, what are the chances that a another, perhaps "major" manufacturer will ever come out with a player that is NOT HDCP-compliant (and thus work with with 300U)?

In other words, should I buy the Bravo despite its problems? :)
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Most of the higher end DVD players just announced have HDMI output.

I don't believe HDMI comes without HDCP.

It's not unthinkable that the Bravo will employ HDCP in the future.

Will an HDCP compliant player send 480P via DVI to a non HDCP compliant pj such as mine (optoma H55) or will it send no signal at all?

If the source (a DVD player, for instance) is HDCP compliant and any downstream component is not (for instance, some of the early DVI-capable scalers and projectors), you're SOL.

You may be able to replace the loader (the DVD drive) with one that's compatible with the Bravo D1's innards. Many of the suggested loaders are under $75, with some as low as $40. Check out the Bravo D1 thread in this forum that discusses possible cures for the "lockup" troubles.
Vinc has announced that all the current D1's ordered are tested prior to shipping for problems. So, you might as well get one now while they still are non-HDCP.
I just received mine 2 weeks ago. I run it with my L300u, with the custom times that are posted (720p). I don't know what the D1's are tested for, but mine has lockups during playback, won't play Monsters Inc. at all, (new DVD) and you can't play 2 DVDs in a row without hard powering off/on between disks. When it works though, it is a slight improvement over my RP-56 that died. I can't wait until till deathwind figures this out because at this point, I think he's our best hope to making the D1 work properly.
My Bravo often won't play a disk. I have discovered that some moving around of the disk in the tray will fix the problem. So far, I've been able to get everything to play, eventually.

It's a cheap piece of equipment, basically, though the picture is good, once you can actually see it.
Thanks for the response. I am waiting for Santa Claus to bring me a D1 this holiday season. Hopefully they still won't be HDCP compliant by then. Also they may even have the bugs eliminated in that amount of time.


Maybe the Yamakawa 365Divx will have less problems. It will ship in October and has far i can tell it will not be HCDP.



J. Rosado
I agree with most others here. If you want to use the DVI port of the L300u, get the Bravo. Great PQ!
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