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Will this card do what I need?

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I built a HTPC a while back which blew up after a few years, and I decided to upgrade.

Currently I have an OLD HDTV... Its a 480p plasma. Anyways I want to make a system that will work for this TV but when I upgrade in the future run that was well (read 1080p)

Anyways, I have basic SD cable and don't pay for QAM stuff, but I would like to be able to use OTA or ClearQAM along side with my SD (which I was unable to do with my last setup.)

I read around a bit and came up with this card:


Does this look like a good candidate? I'm kinda behind on HTPC's so I'm trying to read up as much as I can quick.

... I just noticed it only does 1080i, I don't see a card that does 1080p by avermedia??

Anyways, it says it works with VMC but I have read that either OTA or ClearQAM won't/sort of works? What about 7MC?

Thanks for the help!
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If you have basic cable the local HD and basic cable SD channels will be there in clear QAM. You just need a QAM tuner to pick them up. I suggest you look at the HDHomerun from SiliconDust http://www.silicondust.com/

It has dual tuners and will record either/both OTA and QAM signals. OTA avaiability will depend on your location (read distance and line of sight to the transmitters).

The SD site has a tool that will tell you what channels are available in clear QAM for your location.


I don't have one because clear QAM sucks in Canada
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I actually thought about getting one of those in the past because our physical cable to the TV isn't that great. Does it play nice with VMC or 7MC?
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