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will this hookup still work?

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I have a rooftop antenna that gets the one channel I want (PBS, Ch.33) pretty well. The coax feeds into a Panasonic DVR, component cables feed a Denon receiver, and another set of component cables feeds my Sony XBR360. I use the DVR mostly to time shift PBS shows.

I'm now adding a Toshiba HD-DVD w/ HDMI cable going to the TV and optical going to my Denon receiver. (Only one HDMI input on the TV, none on the Denon.)

With this setup, can I:

1. Keep time shifting PBS SD.

2. Watch both HD-DVD and live HD broadcasts.
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using the toshiba hd dvd and going into tv by hdmi should not effect any other use. should work fine.
Do the coax cables from the two antennas both feed into the one coax input on the receiver? If so, is the best solution one of those cheap splitters, or is there something else?
What two antennas? You only mention one on your roof and you asked if hooking up your HD-DVD player via HDMI would cause any problems.
Sorry, I'm confusing myself!

I guess my question is really this: for a live picture, I have a coax from my rooftop antenna to my Panasonic SD DVR, and a second coax from the DVR to my HDTV. If the antenna can pick up an HD signal, will that signal pass through the two coax ports to the HDTV? I know the DVR can't record HD, but does it somehow block or degrade the HD signal passing through?
The signal won't pass through the DVR, if your TV has a built in ATSC tuner, you'll need to split it and attach one line to the DVR and the other to the antenna in on your TV. If it doesn't have a built in ATSC tuner there's no point of doing this as you would need a seperate external tuner.

Consider hooking up the DVR to the TV using composite, s-video, etc instead of RF to free up the antenna connection if needed.
The DVR should have an RF pass through setting (the reason to have an in and out RF connection) - some Moto STBs have this.

In general, most equipment that has an RF in and out (VCR, DVD, etc.), should pass any RF signal through it.
As long as it will pass an 8VSB RF signal.
You'd need to enable the pass through whenever you wanted to watch digital channels via the tuner in the TV if it can pass the signal through, guess it's a matter of which is easier to you.
When watching live shows, I change the TV stations through the DVR. Does this indicate a passthrough that'll work with HD?
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