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Hi all,

Future Shop in Canada seem so have an excellent deal on the Klipsch Reference series speakers. Not ALL of them are on sale, so I'm worried I'm not matching the right size centre, to the towers, and so on.

The RF-82 II Towers are on for $799 for the pair (Buy one get one tower @ $799)

The RF-62 II Towers are on for $699 for the pair (Buy one get one tower @ $699)

RC-52 II Center is on for $299 (Save $150)

RS-42 II Surround speakers are on for $350 for the pair. (Save $350)

Do these seem like GOOD prices???

Now, I don't have the choice of the bigger centre ... So would there be an issue going with the RF-82 II with the RC-52 II? What about the surrounds? Are these 4" versions well reviewed?

Is this a good setup for the price, or should I look elsewhere??

As you can see, I'm fairly overwhelmed at this point!! Looking to know if I should snatch up this deal, or consider a different setup, plus the ability of matching that centre with the larger towers, smaller surrounds, etc.

This is a basement HT setup, in a 15x20 room with 9 foot ceilings.

Thanks again.
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