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Currently, I have everything running into an Onkyo SR607 5.1 setup.
  • Satellite speakers (speaker wire)
  • Sub Woofer (dig coax)
  • Xbox 360 (component)
  • HTPC /w CableCard Tuner (HDMI)
  • Samsung UN55D8000 (HDMI)
  • Onkyo sr607 (Rear Photo link)

I have speaker wire running along the walls/floors and unfortunately I can't run them in the walls. I want to switch to a Bose 1SR surround-bar.

The Bose 1SR doesn't have HDMI. I'm planning to utilize the optical IN. Will my sources be able to send Dolby/5.1 audio using the following pass-through chain?

Source > AVR IN (component/hdmi) > AVR HDMI OUT > TV HDMI IN > TV optical OUT > Bose 1SR optical IN

I heard that when passing audio through the TV into the Bose 1SR, sometimes dolby/5.1 will not pass through to the surround-bar. Will I have this problem?

Is there a better way to do this? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you,

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