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I'm thinking of buying the Lenovo Q190 as a HTPC basically to just play my media files from a local NAS on my big screen TV, various video formats, backups of my movies (usually in MKV format).

This is the model im considering: Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 Nettop - Nettops | Ebuyer.com

- Is the CPU beefy enough to stream full 1080p content over a Cat 6 network?

- What about 3D BR rips?

- Will it be capable of running a snappy XBMC install alright when configured too?

I am hoping the i3 processor will give me slick, speedy performance so im not waiting around for things to happen, and also read that the graphics is a low point in the system's spec. But as im not wanting to play games, as long as its capable of the HD streaming it should be fine for me. Right?
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