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Will this work?

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Denon 1905 for a 5.1 channel setup in the living room.

Whole house music distributed via Niles speaker selector to 4 zones, each with their own niles volume knob.

I was going to use the last two surround channels on the Denon to send the 80 watts Stereo the 4 zones BUT....

The niles product says it needs a 4ohn amp. Denon rates all their stuff at 6?

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It will work but do not play loud. I trust that these are the zone 2 outputs. If not the sound will be anything but clear.

I was going to use the Zone 2 speakers outputs instead of the 7.1.

If this no worky, what is a good amp to drive these 4 pairs of speakers?

I guess the louder you play the 4ohm issues becomes more of a problem?

The louder you play the more current the amp needs to supply and the more likely that output will have problems.

If you are using a surround sound output you will only hear processed signals not stereo ( say the side channels ). If you are running a 5.1 system with a 7.1 channel receiver you may be able to use the side channels and define them as rear while occupying the zone2/rear channels for your zone2 signals. You will in all probability need to define that amp as zone 2 as opposed to rear channels.

Or you can try any of the systems integrations amps from Niles, Xanteck, Speakercraft. 25-40 watts ought to be sufficient. Obviously should you wish to use a Krell for better sound it would also work

Yes it is a pretty simple setup in the Denon for the zone 2.

It is 80 watts/ch @6ohms
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