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Will This Work?

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Hey there,

I have some questions about hdmi switching (or splitting? not too sure). I've ordered a Yamaha rx-861 receiver, and I plan to hook up HD cable box, Xbox360, and DVD player with hdmi cables. But then I was thinking that I might not want to have the receiver on, and only have sound come thru the tv speakers only. I was thinking that the Monoprice 4X2 True Matrix HDMI 1.3a could be used to acheive this.

So if I first hook up the three devices up to the matrix, then have one of the hdmi outputs going to the receiver, then from the reciever to the TV. Meanwhile the second hdmi output from the matrix would be connected directly to the TV in the second hdmi input in the tv. I'm thinking of using a harmony 880 remote to control it all.


1. First is there an easier way to set this up that I'm missing?

2. Is there any quality lost in the sound or video using the monoprice matrix?

3. Can the harmony 880 remote be used with those switchers.

4. Should I be using a 'splitter' instead of a 'switcher'.


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