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Just a quick couple questions that actually might warrant a lengthy reply...

I'm using a Revolution with new web drivers (the 6db fix set). I'm running Winamp (the new 2.9) with the out_asio.dll plugin 0.26e (dated 3/11/03).

In the configuration for this plugin, there are 3 options near the end: Gapless mode, Convert 1 channel to 2, and Use Direct input monitor. The first and second seem self explanitory, but, what is this final option all about?

And secondly, there is a buffer size in this same configuration, default set @ 7. Now, I'm not getting any skips, aside from sometimes I get a skip when a Windows generated sound comes through (and why this is random I'm not sure...I think it has somethign to do with my first question), but anyway, should this buffer ever be increased? And is it seperate from the driver level ASIO buffer in the m-audio control panel?

I would consult the author's site, but, unfortunately, I'm pretty unilingual.

And while I'm at it, any word on the revolution driver Input Monitoring issue (i.e.: my lazy self having to uncheck and check the box)? That plays a bit of havoc with the asio playback as well.

Thanks much.
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