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Windows Help Needed - Boot Disk Failure

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Need some help guys...when I boot my Windows MCE computer, I get a "boot disk failure, insert system disk" error. If I put in the windows disk and reboot, it boots to normal windows just like it was before the problem arose. I searched google and windows.com, and nothing of real help came up. Mostly people just saying "you're screwed."

Does anyone have any advise? I tried system restore and ghost, neither worked for this. Is there something in system recovery that will rewrite the boot sector? I need some step by steps if you got them. Thanks everyone...
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As a last resort reinstall windows over the old install. It'll write over the old reg file and install new windows files, but the rest of your files will remain intact.
I tried this and it didn't work. I guess I needa new drive. Luckily, the rest of the drive is fine atm, so I can copy all the files over to the new drive. Hopefully ghost will copy all the settings over fine. As we all know we MCE'ers have everything tweaket quite a bit ;)
Use your install disk and go to the emergency recovery, choose the option that lets you go to the console. One of the options is to rebuild your master boot record (MBR) thats what I think your looking for. Do not do the auto selection for auto repair, that wont do anything unless you have a recovery disk. Wish I could give you step by step, but its been a couple years since I did low level stuff.

Heres a link to the microsoft instructions to repair your mbr.

click me for mbr instructions
If you have more than 1 physical drive check your BIOS setting that directs which drive to boot off of.
I think your harddrive is starting to fail. I get the same message and am ready to change it out.
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