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Windows Media Center 2005 & Comcast

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I have been attempting for a week now to get my Comcast 6412 box to change channels with the Media Center Remote. I get conflicting answers from Comcast about the IR port in the back active and I also am not able to get the IR Blaster to work with the Cable Box. I'd personally rather not use the box however if I hook the signal directly from the wall to the computer the channels are not mapped properly so I don't know how to sync the channels with an online guide like titantv.

Has anyone been able to successfully get their Media Center 2005 machine to work with Comcast?

I am using the AverMedia M150-D (MCE1500 OEM).
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Usually the IR port off of cable boxes are for transmitting a signal to say a VCR. So the cable box tells the VCR to turn on, record etc. If you want to control the cable box you need a IR transmitter from the PC aimed at the cable box. I'm not sure about the software required to make the above IR trasmitter to work with MCE, but I'm sure you can find it here or a google search. One I know of is called girder, difficult to learn, but effect software.
There is nothing special needed to do this. You MUST have the MCE remote reciever. The blaster needs to be stuck on the ir RECIEVER port on the cable box.

In my experience, if you have the remote to the box you can almost always get mce to control the box.
I have same box with MCE.

Set up took a few minutes- works perfect.

Of course you need the MS remote for MCE - but I guess that goes without saying.

Still no luck here. I even went out and purchased the new win mce 2005 remote with receiver that comes with 2 stick on blasters and can not get the cable box to switch channels. Everything else works fine. I am stuck on the page where it asks you to type in a channel but never get it to work for the cable box. I learned the remote on the next screen successfully (press 0,1 etc 2 times) but it still didn't work.

Anyone else have any ideas?
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