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Windows Media Center 7 + Hauppauge Colossus + Dish

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Got my first "trial" setup built, and I have a plethora of questions... but we'll start with just a few.

I had to use IRSS to get the Hauppauge remote to control media center, but, media center is not sending / changing channels on my Dish 722 box. All dish boxes use basically the same commands (I know this from using my Replay TV with it...) and I've tried 4 or 5 sets of commands so far... perhaps you guys might give me some tips?

Second - Is there a way to configure MediaCenter to NOT FLUSH the pause buffer if it starts recording a show while live tv is paused??

Third - Any idea how to control 4 STB's from ONE PC? Help! I really want to consolidate and save some electricity as well. Build a HTPC with 4 Colossus, and use 3 Xbox's as extenders on the other TV's... So much more efficient than 4 HTPC's running all the time, and, makes the TUNERS available to other viewers!!

Thanks in advance!

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