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WIndows Media Center Help - Shoppy playback .AVI

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Hello all,

I have a Windows Vista x64 bit as my media center.. and I'm trying to use Windows Media Center to play all my movies and pictures.

I've been having some issues with WIndows Media Center playing back .AVI movies.

It plays choppy. The sound is fine but the playback is alittle bit choppy. Just enought to notice. Specially in high action movies. Also when the movie first start it plays the sound but no picture. I have to hit pause and then play for the picture to appear.

I tried playing the .AVI movies on WIndows MEdia Player and I have no problems. Just in WIndows Media Center.

I was adviced to download FFdshow codec and try it. I have dowloaded and still nothing.

Do I have to configure ffdshow so it forces WIndows media center to use that codec? If so how do I do it?

Do I need to edit the registry? If so how do I do it and where do I download the registry editor? (never edited the resgistry before)

ANy help will be apreciated

Thanks in advance
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You must be sure that you have ffdshow x64. It should work fine with that.

Originally Posted by whiteboy714 /forum/post/16888094

You must be sure that you have ffdshow x64. It should work fine with that.

Thats what I have. I downloaded ffdshow x64.

However I still get the choppy playback.

Do I need to change settings or something? or just download it (I already did)

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Originally Posted by davexnet /forum/post/16888393

See if this helps:

Thanks a lot. I'm going to try this when I get home today.
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