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I installed my Ceton and pair my cablecard and have been using WMC over the weekend and pretty much have things figured out. The main thing was tweaking the universal remote and figuring out how to explain WMC usage to my wife compared to our DirecTV box.

I have a couple questions and I'm having trouble finding a free solution.

1. Is there a way to tell which shows have been watched in the Recorded TV menu? Watched shows look the same as unwatched shows in the list. I saw there is a third party app for doing this.

2. It is very annoying to hit the "Menu" remote button and have it load the Movies strip in WMC. I use MediaBrowser and have no reason to use the strip in the first place. My understanding is that the Menu button is mapped as the My Movies shortcut while a DVD is not being played. Menu on the DirecTV DVR pulled up some options and was how my wife accessed recorded TV.

I could map it as a press and hold command on my remote where it only sends Menu if held for 2+ seconds. Otherwise it does "recorded tv" or maybe just nothing. Right now my recorded TV command is a softkey on my remote's LCD.
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