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Windows Media Player 10 Technical Beta

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Today Microsoft is making available the technical beta of our next generation media player -- Windows Media Player 10 for Windows XP users. This technical beta is being released to provide enthusiasts and early adopters of digital media technology the opportunity to test the release and give us critical feedback to help us ensure a high-quality release of the media player, which will ship later this year. It is important to note that the player is still under development and at this stage is not intended for mass consumer adoption.

This test release of our popular all-in-one player builds on the design accomplishments and feature set of the Windows Media Player 9 Series, with the goal of providing the best experience for discovering, playing and taking digital media anywhere. To this end, the technical beta of Windows Media Player 10 includes the following new and improved features:

Sleek new design. Windows Media Player 10 technical beta sports a simple, clean user interface that has a fresh new “look and feel†and enables fast access to top Player tasks. The most important Player features are now also available directly in the media library, enabling users to accomplish key digital media tasks all in one convenient place, while browsing the library.

Choice of online stores. Available from directly within the Player, we are testing a new concept currently called the “Digital Media Mall†that offers a selection of online music stores and video services that work seamlessly in the Player.

Enhanced device support. Our goal with the Windows Media Player 10 will ultimately be to continue to provide support for the broadest range of digital music devices. This test release introduces a number of new capabilities:

Support for a new feature called Auto Sync that enables the seamless and automatic synchronization of music, video, photos --and even recorded television-- to supported portable devices.

Support for subscription-based content via next-generation Windows Media Digital Rights Management (code named “Janusâ€). New devices will be coming that support this new DRM that enable a “fill-it-up†model for subscription-based content.

Full support for the soon-to-be-released, Portable Media Center (PMC). With Windows Media Player 10, all the digital media data types that are supported on the PMC can be automatically synched to that device via Auto Sync, including entire music libraries, photos, music videos, Photo Stories & home videos, recorded television, Movie Maker files. And any content purchased from online stores and services in the Digital Media Mall.

All-in-one Smart Jukebox features. Windows Media Player 10 technical beta builds on the all of the powerful features in Windows Media Player 9 Series delivering fast and flexible playback, unmatched audio and video quality, and many other “smart jukebox†features.

The Player is a key component of the new foundation Microsoft is building to enable the best end-to-end consumer experience to discover, play, and transport digital media easily around the home or on the go. The Windows Media Player 10 technical beta does not yet include all features to be available at final release. The final, fully featured version of Windows Media Player 10 will be available later this year.

We encourage users to download the Windows Media Player 10 Technical Beta from the download page located at: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/win...0/default.aspx and to direct questions and comments to the microsoft.public.windowsmedia.beta newsgroup. This is the forum specifically for the beta release of the product. We look forward to your feedback.
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Who care I say can it only available for Windows XP any way.:mad:

Windows Media Player 10 is only available for

Windows XP

Download button disbled Windows XP not detected
Shock, no Mac version as usual. That "close relationship" with ATI is really paying dividends for the scam artists that sold us Office X with WMP for Mac. :td: :td:
Originally posted by SHS
Who care I say can it only available for Windows XP any way.:mad:
So? Maybe it's time to upgrade from an old version of Windows. Or is your argument "It doesn't work on Linux!"
There are supposedly issues surrounding WMP10 Beta and the ability to playback Divx files.

I have such a load of codecs installed that I cannot verify this for certain.

Anybody have any input or more info on the subject?
almostinsane I have Windows 2000 beside it not all that much diff from XP any way and I don't like WindowsXP call home WPA (WindowsXP Product Activation) carp.

Beside that if Linux was eazy to work I would in heart beat dump Windows and so 1000s of other people.
I am not putting anything that calls home or any DRM crap on my machine. Period. If others want to buy into it, fine.

Recently, my daughter bought a couple WMA's off of Walmart download site (music $0.88 each) and I've had more headache trying to get it working on her machine, plus she wanted to move it to her Sony mpg portable and I had to explain why she could not. Then she wanted me to create her a CD but the CD burner is on my machine....forget it. I told her to save her money and buy the CD next time :rolleyes:
I told her to save her money and buy the CD next time
Which demon to feed the RIAA or M$. A better alternative would be the iTunes music store and do the things you mentioned with no problem.

Are they serious about calling the DRM Janus! Even though Janus was a god of doors and keys, he later came to be known as a god representing deception, or when actions don't match words. Hence the expression, two-faced.

youre still feeding the RIAA through iTunes..
youre still feeding the RIAA through iTunes..
I know, but its a bit less.

The best alternative is probably buy/sell at half.com

If I can be forgiven for NOT talking about licensing/DRM issues...

The beta is showing much better HD decoder performance for me, on my main workstation:

Dual processor AMD Athlon 2800+

Radeon 9600 (limited by motherboard to 4x AGP)

Not sure what combination of better AMD, MP, and 9600 support did it.

It only got 3-4 fps on 1080 WMV samples before, and gets a rock-solid 24 fps now.

I, for one, am a happy camper.
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Could we finally be seeing the reported WMV acceleration that ATI built into the last few driver releases?
Can any one comment on this....

With the 720p Step in Liquid demo, WMP 9 or 10 beta drops frames with a 9700, P2.4. Yet the same clip played with Zoomplayer is perfect.

Is that to be expected, any way to tweak WMP to play smoother?
Originally posted by NickB

Could we finally be seeing the reported WMV acceleration that ATI built into the last few driver releases?
That's a good theory. I could also see some advantage from putting DRM and decode on different threads, taking advantage of the two processors, if they did that.

I'm on the road right now, but could check system monitor when I get back.
Stacy Spears mentioned (in another thread I can't find at the moment), that WMP in MCE will correctly output Video RGB values (16-235), for DVD's and the like, as opposed to computer RGB (0-255), implying that the standard WMP does not.

Anybody know what the score is w/ WMP10 in this regard?

On Edit: Perhaps I answered my own question by reading the .pdf describing the features ( Here . It says,

"Color Space and Black Levels, which allow the user to match the matte color of the player in full screen to the black leves of a video."

I assume this means 'yes'..
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Both WMP9 and WMP10 can produce 16-235. They don't by default because they use the HW overlay. You have to use the VMR w/o overlay to get proper video levels. This options is under tools->options->performance tab->advanced. Remove the check from use overlays at the top under video mixing renderer.

WMP10 has a new mode called high performance. (the check box below user overlays) This puts the VMR into mixing mode. One feature of mixing mode is that if you are running interlaced content, HW deinterlacing is used.

WMP uses VMR7, which is an XP only feature.

Under WMP, using VMR w/o overlay will show visible tearing on some graphics cards. This is one area where MCE moves ahead, it will never tear, no matter which graphics card is used.

The reg key that Amir had mentioned in the past is also an option in this same menu.
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WMP9 playback of WMA Lossless is not always perfectly gapless between tracks. Has this been fixed in WMP10?
Thanks Stacy.

Have a good weekend.
This is a good one!

Just a warning for those who are thinking about upgrading, if you own T2:Extreme Edition, the HD version will no longer work with Media Player 10. It is hardcoded to check for MP9 :-(

I can't speak for other WMV-HD titles, but chances are some of them might no longer work either.

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