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Hey folks.


I have not found a more suitable board to share this with you. So here we go.


I've spent my last weekend with developing a small Windows Tool to be able to controll my new Ligawo(R) HDMI Switch Matrix 4x2 via USB Cable connected to my windows-based HTPC. Considering all the time i've invested into this little Tool written in C, i felt the need to let other people profit from my efforts, too.


So if you should have got the mentioned HDMI Switch Matrix or a similar product (which is also controlled via a virtual COM port over USB), you may want to give this tool a try. What it basically does is taking your command line parameters (COM port and command) and sending it to the HDMI Switch Matrix. This way you can controll the Switch Matrix with every remote controll you can hook up to your PC. You can e.g. use it together with EventGhost, or you maybe could even use this with your Logitech Harmony or a comparable product.


The sourcecode of this Tool is fully provided. In fact i do not even provide and compiled executable, yet. The project is hosted on GitHub and everyone is invited to fork it :)


You can find the projects repository here: https://github.com/eLBart0-DTG/control-switch-matrix


For further information i will just quote the Readme file for the moment:


HDMI Switch Matrix Controller 1.0 by eL_Bart0



sendToMatrix.exe COM-Port COMMAND.

E.g.: sendToMatrix.exe com3 LED

Toggles the state of the LED display on Ligawo(R) HDMI Matrix 4x2

Available commands for the Ligawo(R) HDMI Matrix

A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, PW, 2C, 5C, CLE, MT, SA, SB, LED, SAV

Refer to the switches manual for their function.

Additional Information

This tool could possibly work with other HDMI switch matrices which support serial communication over USB. Feel free to contact me if you come accross a similar designed device which is not yet supported.

Should your switchs manual list other codes, just give them a try. Basically this tool forwards every command directly over COM port.


You can easily compile the tool with almost every available C compiler (for Windows you could e.g. use Dev C++). I compiled it using mingw32 out of the Ubuntu repository using this command line:


i586-mingw32msvc-cc sendToMatrix.c -o sendToMatrix.exe


I hope this will be useful for some of you :)





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