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Windows Utility to Quickly Switch Speaker Configuration?

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I finally dropped my X-meridian sound card in favor of HDMI to a fancy receiver.

Because of that, I find that I frequently need to switch the number of speakers that windows (XP) thinks it has from stereo to 5.1 and sometimes 7.1 to match the media I am playing. The normal way is via "control panel -> sounds and audio devices -> advanced" which gets tedious pretty quick.

I'm looking for a little utility that would sit in the taskbar tray and let me just pick the speaker configuration from a fast drop-down menu. Anyone know of such a thing?
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Doesn't ReClock Kernel Streaming work?
It doesn't do what I need to do. It doesn't work with foobar, it doesn't work with vlc and it can't figure out when 2.0 audio is embedded in a 5.1 bit-stream and needs to be converted to 2.0 pcm so dolby IIx will do the right thing with it.

It is Kernel Streaming that matters (not ReClock itself) and foobar2000 supports KS with the plugin foo_out_ks.dll. VLC... not much to say about this...


You can write a simple AutoHotkey script to switch between speaker configurations ( a hint ).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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