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I have Windows XP SP3 on my computer and I'm experiencing problems whit the power saving settings and behaviour I get whit using it.

I have a GA-MA78GPM-DS2H motherboard whit a Phenom X4 9750, 2x2Gb 1066Mhz mem. A LG L245WP-BN 1920x1200 monitor.

The first problem I have whit the power saving settings is they do not work after a complete shutdown/reboot. I have to go back to the settings and press ok/apply after each boot for the settings to work. Why? It has gotten me slightly irritated.

Second is using it to shut down the monitor if I do nothing. The screen shuts down after selected time but I have issues when it should get turned back on. Basically music or when a video was playing when it shut down the screen upon turning the screen back on they stop/pause completely and won't respond to play/pause or jumping in time at all. I have to press stop and then start the video or more usually the song from the beginning. It didn't do this some time back I remember. I did some updates of the sound and graphics drivers in-between, could either be the cause?

I would be more suspect off the sound driver than the video ones but it's related to the monitor... I have Catalyst 9.4 drivers installed. I tried 9.5&9.6 and then went back to 9.4 as they worked better concerning other things. Originally I didn't have this sound/video stop issue in the beginning in the use whit the Catalyst 9.4 drivers I remember, but other drivers have been updated since then and when I went back to the 9.4 drivers after testing later versions.

I tried some searching but I didn't get satisfactory results whit my keywords.

Someone know anything concerning my issues. Solutions?

I've tried newer versions off the sound drivers but hasn't helped, though I didn't uninstall the previous versions. Just installed over them whit the newer ones.

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Issue 1

Device manager/Network adapter/Properties/Advanced Properties

About the 5th one down is Wake Up on LAN after Shutdown Set it to Enable. Not positive, but I think that will solve the issue (I was having similar issues and I fixed it by changing a bunch of settings and I think that is the one that fixed it)

Issue 2

I think there is a setting somewhere in the bios that makes windows "rediscover" the video card when you resume. (Again, not positive about this)

Googleing on these items might yield more info/ideas.

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