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Any links to how to overclock my processor?
thought I would add this:


you MUST follow this guide when installing Windows XP
I already have a few of those in the Free killer apps for your HTPC... thread (which was made as a "sticky" for now).

I have 200+ links now - updating and organizing the rest of the list. I'll add ABXZone (Windows XP tweaks thread), TweakHound, TweakTown, OverclockersClub & give ps24eva credit - thanks! ;)

Members of course can help contribute. Enjoy! :D
While this is getting highly off topic off my thread...

In my experience you don't need that many websites.

you just need some good 'portal' websites:



we will take care of you from there:)
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As long as they are excellent software or informative websites & they are well organized it shouldn't be too confusing. There are A LOT of resource needs for HTPC'ers besides tweaking & tuning...

I took out the links above (why waste Forum bandwidth) & included them in Free killer apps for your HTPC... . I'll add the XtremeSystems.Org site (it seems to be down right now) & also give you credit. ;)

thanks but i don't deserve any credit.

credit persian immortal for writing the article "reformat to relax" which is the greatest XP tweak guide ever. It just perfects your machine.

and credit those other guys as well
Members should find the author's name & credits once they get to the site - they may never know about it at all if you didn't provide the link. ;)

I'll also give credit to dandrewk: for recommending OverClockers.com.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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