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Translation by Altavista website:

Inter- video, the latest edition "of WinDVD" announcement - - videotaped WMV-HD and DVD-Audio and digital broadcast playback of the DVD media which possibly

2004 May 20th

The Tanaka of the president who attends explanatory meeting ä¿Eè¼E/div>

It announced that inter- video Japan (Inc.) on the 20th, it holds reporter explanatory meeting at Tokyo & Shinagawa Shinagawa prince hotel, DVD playback software "WinDVD (Wien D buoy D) the latest edition ' WinDVD of the series" 6 ' sells on June 18th. ' WinDVD 6 Gold ' of standard edition and, ' WinDVD 6 Platinum ' of the superior edition which strengthens AV performance ' same Platinum (to change WinDVD 6 and edition) ' the package of 3 types to be prepared, price respectively /6279 Yen 4809 Yen /9240 Yen.

' WinDVD 6 Plutinum ' (the left) with ' WinDVD 6 Gold ' (the right) package

The Tanaka of the president ä¿Eè¼E Yutaka Someya of the senior marketing director and others attends explanatory meeting. The ???Eobtaining demonstration, it introduced the feature of the product.

Yutaka Someya of senior marketing director

It sold WinDVD 6, ' WinDVD 5 ' it becomes measure versionrise after ever since, approximately 1 year in 2003 July. Increase of the corresponding playback format, strengthening and picture quality improvement etc. of playback function being assured is a special feature. The image/audio format which is added is anew as follows.

High picture quality video format

WMV-HD (Windows Media Video High Definition)

For streaming/web transmission video format

RealVideo, QuickTime and MPEG-4

Treble quality audio format

Intel High Definition Audio and DVD-Audio

As for WMV-HD 720P (1280?E20 dot/progressive) and 1080P (1920?E080 dot/progressive) high resolution video format. In addition to description above, copyright protective function such as terrestrial digital broadcast (CPRM) also the DVD media which videotaped the program of the attachment, with the personal computer which installs WinDVD 6 became reproducible.

Sliding which explains "TrimensionDNM" function

The user interface of WinDVD 6. As for the picture the place where audio function is set

With strengthening and picture quality improvement of playback function, per second of the movie and the like image of 24 scenes per second in 30 or 60 scenes and the like 2: 3 the occasion where it pulls down, the movement is made smooth, "TrimensionDNM (try men Shaun D n m)" loading function. Especially you say that detailed object is revised, the movement which with such as the image which the picture all the way starts projecting ?«ã‚¯?«ã‚¯ is done. Furthermore, quickly you reset and/indicate slow resetting function in smoothly "smooth reverse playback" function loading (not to output sound). -0.2 the time speed - -2 to the time speed the appointment by the slide bar became possible. In addition, audio effect function of the American Spatializer Audio Laboratories corporation was loaded anew. Concrete, high pass/revising the limits low the acoustic space which has the extent with the headphone is expressed expresses "Spatializer Natural Headphone" and the 5.1ch sound source threely-dimensional with stereo speaker "Spatializer N-2-2 Ultra", vis-a-vis the sound source which was compressed, it plays back "Spatializer PCE", heavily it compensates & emphasizes the bass "Spatializer VirtualLFE" 4.

Also the function which captures the image which is in the midst of playing back to be strengthened, animation GIF type (largest 240?E80 dot /256 color) with maximum of 30 seconds or the animated picture capturing to of maximum 1.5MB are possible in addition to the former still picture. The web browser and the portable telephone (those which correspond to the indication of the animation GIF file) etc. with it can play back the image which it records.

Furthermore, in Gold edition, function of playback, TrimentionDNM and Dolby Digital of DVD-Audio EX/Headphone/ProLogicII/Virtual Speaker etc. is abbreviated.

As for hardware requirement, correspondence OS Windows 98 SE/Me/2000/XP. As for CPU with general DVD-Video playback above Pentium III-500MHz (above Pentium 4-1.50GHz recommendation), above Pentium III-1GHz, TrimensionDNM function is utilized in the playback of DVD-Audio, above Pentium 4-2.80GHz, above Pentium 4-2GHz (the same -3GHz or more recommendation) becomes necessary in WMV-HD playback. As for memory when above 128MB (TrimensionDNM function is utilized, above 256MB, the or more of 384MB being necessary in WMV-HD playback, above 512MB recommendation). As for the being less crowded capacity of HDD above 75MB. http://ascii24.com/news/i/soft/artic...ages741490.jpg
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