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Winegard 7210P or 7280P if I only live 7 miles from the HDTV towers?

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I only live 7 miles from my HDTV towers but I can't seem to get a good signal from them on my Dish Network receiver (which has an ATSC tuner).

The towers I care about are all within 3 degrees of each other so I need a directional antenna with high resistance to multi-path.

I've tried antennas between $9.99 and $149.99 (see this thread of mine), but none of them worked. I tried them in the attic and in my basement (location of the home theater).

So, apparantly I need to go with a roof mounted antenna.

Somebody in my other thread said I should buy a Winegard HD7082 antenna but after looking on Winegard's website I discovered the Winegard HD7210 - "The Ghost Killer" which is cheaper and seems to made specifically for eliminating multi-path (eg. ghosting).

So which antenna should I get? The Winegard 7082P or the 7210P? (or something else?)

Here is one more of my threads of mine about details of my on-going experiments with trying to receive OTA HDTV.

Thanks for your help! (Sorry for being a pain....)
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Ok, I'll trust your suggestion. Thanks Rick!

Do I really need to buy the pre-amp? I was hoping to keep the cost of this below $100 (eg. the wife is not happy that I have to buy anything to receive my local channels in HD).

Also, I'm not really interested in FM but it's good to know I can use the antenna in the future for that!
Ahh, OK. How would I know if I need one? (does it depend on the length of RG6 used between the antenna and the receiver?)
Excellent, thanks!

Is the "HD7082 PLATINUM" the same as the "HD7082P" ?

I've found a cheaper place (NewEgg) to buy the antenna but the model listed is "HD7082" (the description of the item is "WINEGARD HD7082 PLATINUM SERIES High Definition VHF/UHF Antenna - Retail")

Thanks Rick!

I actually went ahead and ordered it from Summit Source (they had a better return policy and were closer than New Egg).

I'll let you know how I make out after the antenna is installed.

Thanks for all of your help!

- John
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