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Winisd and Winisd Pro

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Why is it that the Soundsplinter RL-p15 looks really good modeled in Winisd and when modeled in Winisd-pro it has a large dip in the graph from around 17Hz to 50Hz? :confused:
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Can you copy your screen, paste in MS Paint, save it as a .jpeg and post it so I can see what you are talking about?
OK. I feel like a real doof but I can't figure out how to save the graph to MS Paint so I can post it here.
When you have the WinISD screen that shows what you want, press Alt+Print Screen on your keyboard. Now open MS Paint and simply Paste. Crop the image appropriately, and save it as a .jpeg. Make sure you size the screen in WinISD appropriately too, as AVS will only let you post so big of a picture.
Well, that's what I figured I needed to do but it doesn't seem to work (my print screen button that is). I am at work so I don't know if it is because of windows 2000 or my keyboard is just broken or what--but I do know that is won't work. I will post it tomorrow when I am using a different computer.
Let me take a guess as to what you are referring to - take a look at the attached FR - are you talking about how it kinda dips in the middle compared to a driver that models flatter? Keep in mind that the FR that I am showing is the best I have found to optimize overall performance. If you are experimenting with other parameters, the dip will be even more dramatic.
Well, that's what I figured I needed to do but it doesn't seem to work (my print screen button that is
Use the great little freeware program MWSnap 3 . You can grab any sized section off the monitor, so no editing steps are needed after the capture. It also has a built-in magnifier with crosshairs so you can accurately place the curser to copy only what you want.
Now that's cool. You're the king of useful links. :)
Thanks Thomas-W that is a handy little program. So here is my graph--it just seems to dip quite a bit more than some of the other drivers I have tried.

Maybe I am doing something wrong--I still don't feel all that comfortable with WinIsd.
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That looks about right - shrink your FR down to 10-100hz (it is a subwoofer after all) and it will probably look the same as mine.
I found part of my problem. I was using the T/S parameters supplied within WinIsd for the RL-P15 and it was giving an xmax of less than 15mm. So I entered it as a new driver with the info supplied from the Soundsplinter site but I don't know what to enter for Le. What do you guys use for Le?

Also, has anyone modeled the Arsenal 15 from Ascendant audio? It looks pretty good and so does the price of $210.

Am I right in thinking the blue line looks best? See attached picture.
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I use an Le of 5.65, I believe Thomas suggested that number based on a similar driver. Anything from 4-6 doesn't change too much, but there is a big difference between 0 and 5.65. For the dual 2 ohm version, 260 liters and a 15-16.5hz tune looks the best to me.
So do you think the dual 2 ohm is the better choice?
It depends on if you want more extension or more output. If trying to keep a reasonably flat response from just the sub, the 2ohm will extend a bit deeper while the 4ohm will be able to play a bit louder. How big is your room again?
My room is about 1780 square feet. It is a dedicated room that is 11'8" wide by 19'8" long with 7'9" to the ceiling. So it comes out to about 1780.
That's actually going to be cubic feet, and for subwoofage needs, that's not too big. I'd go with the dual 2ohm and get a bit more extension.
Ha--of course cubic feet :eek: sometimes I think my brain is a two dimensional object. Thanks
So when you compare the two--does it look about like this? The first image called sub3 is with a 260L enclosure and the second image called sub2 is with a 330L enclosure. I can use 330L if you think it is better. However, smaller is better if there will probably not be a noticable difference.

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