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WinTV, WDM, and Dscaler

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I've been reading some posts lately about new WDM's for the Hauppauge WinTV cards. I'm not exactly sure what a WDM is but I'm assuming it's a Windows driver. I've had a WinTV-GO card installed for a while now and I've tried to get a good picture using Dscaler but haven't had any luck. Then I see this about the new WDM's and wonder if that will have any effect on my Dscaler output? I also read where Dscaler has it's own "drivers" so this makes me wonder any more.

I've tried several of the scaling setting in Dscaler but nothing really seems to improve the picture.

I realize there are much better capture/tuner cards out there and I may have to eventually upgrade but I would like to try to maximize my picture with Dscaler now and then upgrage in the future if necessary.


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The picture quality depends heavily on the signal quality from your antenna or cable. If you have weak signals, there is not much DScaler can do to help. With good signals, you get very good results. My reccomendation is to do as much as possible to clean up the signal first - a big outside antenna with a mast-mounted preamp, a complaint to your cable provider, or whatever it takes.

To more directly answer your question, WDM stands for Windows Driver Model, a new Microsoft driver standard that has replaced the older VFW or Video For Windows. The WDM drivers are required for WinDVR, a "personal video recorder" (PVR) application written by Intervideo, the source of the WinDVD software many Forum members use for DVD playback. Some of us use this WinDVR application for time-shifting TV programming to the hard disk of the PC.

DScaler itself does not care whether a VFW or a WDM driver is used - when you run it, it loads it's own driver, which then replaces the existing TV tuner board driver for as long as you run DScaler. In fact, your PC may misbehave if the DScaler session terminates abnormally and the driver remains loaded, so be aware of how this works and realize that if that happens, you need to re-boot to restore the original TV card driver.

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