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Hey Guys

Finally got around to putting together my file server and was wondering if any of you could point me in the direction of a good site or pass along some good info for getting the most of my file server. A little more info you say? Ok

WinXP Pro fully updated

ECS K7S5A mobo

Athlon 1.2

256 MB PC133

A couple o'hundred gigs of space currently, soon to expand dramtically.

MediaJukebox - I connect to the server from work so I can access my entire MP3 collection (950 albums)

Windows Media Encoder - hooked to my webcam so I can watch my dogs thrash the house from work.....

Administered via Remote Desktop

I also plan to use this as a DVD server some time in the future.

So, when I'm streaming audio and video the machine runs at about 80-90% cpu load, mostly due to the video encoding (WMV 130 kb). So, I'm looking for some tips that might help out. I realize that any performance gains will be slight as this a lack of CPU power (WMV codec...) and I am NOT going to upgrade hardware, this machine was built with stuff from my parts bin, hence the lack of horsepower.

I'm standing by with MSCONFIG running ;)

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