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Thinking of doing an unusual setup here, but suspect I may damage my units, so hoping wiser folks would comment.

I have Marmitek's Powermid XL IR repeater kit (2 units: the transmitter unit picks up the IR signal from the remote, and passes it via radio signal on 433MHz to the receiver, which converts back to IR). Supposed to work at up to 30 meters, but I barely get 5.

However, the flat I am in has wire in the walls for wired IR control system. So I am thinking physically connecting the transmitter's and the receiver's antennas using this wire, so the radio signal would travel through it.

Is this a silly thing to do? I admit I am clueless about how antennas work...

I am aware there are wired IR distribution kits there, but they seem expensive and in any case I'm trying to make use of what I've got...

Any advice much appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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