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Wired or wireless automation?

  • Wired all the way - solid and reliable

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • Wireless - more flexible

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Just pick the less expensive option

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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So the question is - wired or wireless for my home theater lighting automation??

I am planning:

  • -Get a Grafik Eye QS Wireless to control 6 zones of lighting.
  • -Will have reading lights in the ceiling on their own dimmers.
  • -Will also have one blackout shade - maybe the Sivoia QS - for the back of the room.
  • -I want to hook it into computer / IR repeater system, etc.

It can be all wired or all wireless, but not both at the same time. And once I choose one I am stuck with it.

If I went wireless, I'd get a RadioRA2 main repeater from Lutron. If I went wired I'd get the RS232/Ethernet controller.

If I went wireless, I could change to RadioRA2 controlled dimmers for the reading lights. Otherwise I'd have to get a 2nd Grafik Eye for the reading lights as I don't think there are any single dimmers that can work on a Grafik Eye bus system. Getting a Grafik Eye for the reading lights seems a little overkill because I can't imagine ever using "scenes" with them. But I do want individual control over each one, and possibly from a harmony remote or something like that in the future.

I am leaning toward wireless, but it is a little more expensive, and I'm worried about interference too. I like the solidity and reliability of wired installations. My theater is about to have the walls closed and I have to decide now.

Anyone have experience here that can point me in one direction or the other?

I've never tried a poll before so I tacked one on.


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Shoot, I just voted wired... Can I change my vote?

Lighting control, using a wireless system to RS-232 interface for automation works very well with Lutron gear. Either way is excellent (truly) and you will have reliable results no matter what you choose to do.

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Originally Posted by az1324  /t/1472780/wired-or-wireless-automation-for-new-construction-ht-room/0_60#post_23321387

QS wired dimmers don't work w/ GrafikEye? You can't do both wired/wireless with the QS Hybrid Repeater?

I should be more specific. There are four topologies I can get with a Grafik Eye QS Wireless that Lutron support told me about:

-All Wired (QS Link) - wired keypads, Sivoia shades, etc. In this case I need the RS232/Ethernet controller for QS links to do computer control.

-All Wireless (QS Link) - all wireless devices, hooked to Grafik Eye QS Wireless. No RadioRA2 allowed as this is a QS link wireless system.

-Wired/Wireless together (QS Link) - some wired and wireless devices. As long as the Grafik Eye QS wireless is the master device, this works fine. No RadioRA2 allowed.

-All Wireless (RadioRA2) - all wireless devices, hooked to RadioRA2 repeater. Controls on the Grafik Eye QS Wireless go through the RadioRA2 main repeater to control shades or anything else, it isn't the main controller anymore. And the wired link on the Grafik Eye QS is disabled if is is made part of a RadioRA2 system.

So-- if I ever might go with RadioRA2, and I bought some wired-only devices, they will stop working when I link the GE with the main repeater. So I have to choose to get all wireless components if I want to keep the upgrade path open with no waste. That was the impetus behind my question - wired or wireless?

The Hybrid Repeater is for Homeworks QS I think. My guess is I could combine wired/wireless on Homeworks QS, but wired stuff would have to be re-routed to the homeworks processor link, and the Grafik Eye would again become a slave only device - but I don't know for sure because I didn't research Homeworks - it was out of my price range and scope. But at least the wired stuff could still be used I guess - provided I could connect the Homeworks processor to the same wired link all the stuff was on.
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