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Wired vs. Wireless

By Richard M. Sherwin
Tired of living amidst tangled cables? Or not ready to trust the wireless tech? Two A/V veterans take up the argument.

The major audio-video accessory companies fear that the big CE manufacturers have finally delivered on the age old promise of "No New Wires." With Sony and Panasonic starting to introduce products that are supposedly wire-free, the accessory companies have been touting their own new wireless solutions for HDTV to HDMI to whole home audio and other house cluttering products and services. Here's a look at both sides of this ever troublesome home theater dilemma.

No More Wires Please!

(By Susan Davis, an award winning advertising copyrighter and a former feature writer for The Daily News Sunday News Magazine)

I am not a Luddite. I swear. I like technology. Well, sort of. I can appreciate the wonder of all the newest gadgets and all that they do. I'd have to; my husband is possessed. Or I should say, we possess, every latest electronic thing-a-ma-jig that comes on the market. And I mean everything: MP3 players, storage devices, fax machines, printers, computers (Mac and PC / desktop and notebook), electronic book readers, HDTVs, streaming audio-video and video games. Did I list them all? Probably not, but that's all I can remember at the moment.

Is this a good thing? Well, yes. And no. Yes, I can impress everyone who steps into my home. I'm used to hearing Wow, you have that?! Already?! Didn't know it was out yet! And no, I have to warn whoever comes over to be careful where they walk. That's because of the bane of my existence: the wires. Miles and miles and piles and piles of wires.

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