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Wireless KB/Mouse Idea?

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My HTPC is about 10' away from my seating position. This seems to limit the choices I have for CHEAP wireless KB/Mouse combos since most only have a range of 6'.

I really like the look and feel of the Logitech MX Duo but the range is only 6'. If I was to place the Receiver closer using an extension cable would that work. Example: The receiver is placed under the couch and using an extension cable it is then connected to the HTPC. This way the receiver will only be about 3 feet away from the KB/Mouse. Since it's RF it doesn't need line of sight so this should work right? The MX Duo is RF right? I just want a few people to confirm this before I jump into it. Most of the computer shops around here charge a re-stocking fee so I don't want to experiment with different setups.

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The PS2 extensions should work but keep in mind that there is also an AC plug required for the base/receiver to recharge the mouse. I was also in the market for a new wireless K/M combo and originally tried the Gyration Ultra Suite. I was having problems with range and at times it wouldn't work unless I was about 1' away from the base.

I was looking at some other threads and one user stated he got his Logitech MX Duo to work at about 15' away. I have a Logitech MX Duo for my main PC and tried to see how far away I could get. I was able to get 19' away from the base and both the mouse and keyboard worked.

As far as the restocking fee, try picking it up at Best Buy. I'm pretty sure they don't charge a restocking fee and you have 30 days for returns/exchanges.

Good luck.
Get the MX Duo w/ bluetooth for $150. I got one to replace a regular MX Duo, and the range is at least 4x better. Works all over the room.
I have Gyration which I know is rf. either 25 foot or 100 foot models.
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