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I want to deploy a home media server but with certain functionalities in mind. I have some understanding in this area but not much. My field of expertise is more in computer and programming (I do have knowledge on BT though). So if anyone can offer some suggestions that would be grand.


         [1.NAS] -- [2.Transcode/Service Server]
               |          /
               |        /
   [ ~~~~~~~~~  3.Dual-N Router with G for MIDs ~~~~~~~~~  ]
     |                |              |             |           |            |
 [4.Receiver]   [4.Receiver]   [6.Laptop]  [6.Laptop]   [ 7.G MID ]  [ 7.G MID ]
     |                |
   [5.TV]        [5.TV]
0. Cablebox in this case the Cisco Scientific Atlantic 8300HD

1. NAS for storage of about 4tb

2. Transcode server for MID devices to receive video at lower resolution via G since handhelds don't support N. Also for receiving commands.

3. Dual-N Router that can also run G at same time, if not then a separate G router as well.

4. Receiver of N and output via HDMI

5. A TV with HDMI input

6. Laptop with N

7. MID with 802.11g connectivity


Ability to record/play shows from/to NAS with programing from any device. (The MID recording is optional but since they run windows mobile and/or Android should be possible I think.).

Extra Goals

I would not mind a higher setup cost if I can save out on the TV receiver costs for future extensions if possible.


1. Anyone have suggestion on what hardware/software to use for this deployment?

2. Would I be able to record multiple shows that are going on at the same time with 1 cable box?

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Ok so apparently I will have to make the transcode/service pc a HTPC with some good specs and a Ceton Digital Cable Quad-Tuner Card.

Current List of Items needed:

1 - Ceton Digital Cable Quad-Tuner Card - 399$

1 - D-Link Rush (DAP-1560) (4x4 mimo for 802.11n or another device if WDHI comes out)


I am still confused on how to dispatch the data to the receivers efficiently, for the TV at least. Sure I can use netops but thats 300$ per receiver and it won't be very efficient. I am thinking of wireless KVM maybe?

As for remotes I will need to replace IR with wifi remotes I guess?

Also, what software is good for this kind of config, or will I have to write my own?

Again any help would be appreciated?
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