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Hello, I recently bought a Unisen iPazzPort KP-810-18VR Wireless mini keyboard. It works quite nicely as a wireless touchpad mouse and keyboard. Keyboard has reddish / orange color backlight, which is ideal for using in the dark while watch TV. The touchpad mouse has both left and right buttons and works well. Also you can reconfigure the direction of touchpad so that you can rotate the device to portrait orientation. The one I have also has learning IR remote and audio capability. The build quality is very nice as well. For less than $20 from e-bay, I am pretty happy with it.

However, I have a major issue with this thing waking up my HTPC every night. There is no "Power Management" setting in the device properties in Windows 7 for this device, so I can't uncheck the box "allow this to wake up PC". I also went through all the available BIOS setting, disabled all wakeup from USB activities. But this thing still wakes up my HTPC every night! I am wondering if experts on this board can point me to right direction how to fix this.


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